International Student Job Search!

This article addresses the frequently asked questions about job search strategy and action planning for international students in the UK and globally. This article can help careers advisers/consultants who work with international students get asked and this is how I would answer them.

The Importance of your Online Presence

What you post online reflects on you, your personal brand and can stay on there forever! In light of recent events and the move to virtual working what we put online is more important now than ever. Employers are increasingly looking at your social media and online content in order to better understand you, your value and how you will represent their brand in the future.

Upskilling: Reframing My Career Path As A Parent

I never realised I was upskilling or reframing my career path as a parent. If you’d been one of the few people that actually stopped to ask, I would have told you I was just ‘doing’ and barely surviving. And even now-a-days, on those low down, bad days you’ll probably still catch me professing the… Continue reading Upskilling: Reframing My Career Path As A Parent

What is Commercial Awareness? What do employers mean by this?

Photo by Tycho Atsma. So what is commercial awareness and what do employers mean by this? We hear this term banded about by employers or recruiters at job fairs and events, in interview, online and in articles, but what does it really mean and what do employers really want?


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