The Importance of your Online Presence

What you post online reflects on you, your personal brand and can stay on there forever!

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In light of recent events and the move to virtual working what we put online is more important now than ever. Employers are increasingly looking at your social media and online content in order to better understand you, your value and how you will represent their brand in the future.

Why should I care about what I post online?

  1. Your online brand speaks volumes about your value and professional expertise
  2. Social media can be used to demonstrate not just your interests but your knowledge and insights into specific issues
  3. You can share your top achievements online with colleagues, followers and friends
  4. You can develop a brand for free and appeal to top brands and recruiters
  5. You can build a professional network as well as an interest following online to increase your visibility
  6. You can use your social media platforms to engage followers and share your professional messages and expertise
  7. Content online is visual and you can be creative in how you share your experience, making your more searchable and keeping your information up to date and relevant

Top Tips

  • If you haven’t already get a professional email address with your name, monkeybubbles@…….. just won’t cut it
  • Be on LinkedIn for your professional network as well as other social media platforms
  • Engage with followers and create original authentic content
  • If you have social media accounts, websites, online portfolios, forums, blogs or vlogs make sure you check regularly including the messages and follower/audience feedback
  • Don’t get sucked in by the numbers what your produce can be more impactful
  • Be accessible, don’t follow/connect without considering the impact, how can you build on that connection, engage and contribute?
  • Think about the tone of your content what does it say about you, is it truly representing you and your brand, is it time to reflect on your content and clean house?
  • Value what you create and what you know, if you don’t no one else will.
  • LinkedIn – get involved, create posts and articles, reach out to contacts, build your visibility its on of the most accessible and easiest online tools to build your brand and visibility for your career.

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