Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – Review

5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A fantastic story of a class society based on the colour of your blood and abilities. This story starts with Mare Barrow a Red from the sticks growing up in poor conditions under a Silver ruling class with special abilities. The silvers have silver blood and have various abilities including controlling fire, water, metal whereas the Reds with red blood are the lower class slave labour that look after the Silvers never being able to ascend due to their blood and lack of abilities.

Mare is close to being conscripted in the 100 year territorial war of the Silvers where few Reds return and is searching for a way out for herself and her best friend Kilorn. Mare has already seen 3 brothers conscripted and with the emergence of the Scarlet Guard a terrorist organisation fighting for the freedom of the Reds she is drawn to them as a way to escape.

I couldn’t put this down it’s a fantastic read and Mare as the female protagonist is a strong minded woman in a male dominated world. I liked how her character developed and took to Silver life with somewhat ease. Her supporting characters are well developed and interesting including Julian the previous Queens brother. I was very invested in Maven as a character as well who surprised me on a number of occasions.

I’m now going to read the next book in the series Glass Sword as I was left wanting more at the end of Red Queen, I won’t say more but brilliant.

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