A cake fuelled, book led guide to career empowerment

Hi Everyone, thanks for checking out my blog. I’m Noeleen better known as Noels I am an International Career Consultant, Mammy, booklover and baker. This is my first ever personal blog post so i hope you will join me and enjoy my content.

I have worked in careers for 10 years and recently have been updating my coaching skills. I have extensive experience in the delivery of employability and careers support in a blended approach through a variety of platforms. In my down time from work I love reading mainly YA, Science Fiction and Fantasy books although I will read anything. I share my love of books with my three year old son who is as much of a book hoarder as I am. To destress and relax I love to bake and try new and exciting recipes. I will give anything a go and love to experiment with ingredients especially to make a standard recipe free from.

I work part-time 3.5 days per week and the rest of the time manage my crazy household whilst indulging in my book and baking hobby. My husband is a software developer and is a workaholic :), I have a 14 year old Jackabee who is a rescue and was my first toddler as well as my three year old who is a bundle of energy and keeps me on my toes. COVID-19 has brought us all closer together and has helped me to value home time and down time more whilst juggling a hectic work life.

Remote working has opened my eyes to a better work life balance and better use of my time. I hope to share my experiences, top tips and tricks with you all.

Thanks again for joining me!

Noels x

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